About Us

Blups is an end-to-end digital logistics company that can connect you with high-quality shippers and transporters in just one platform.

Our Story

Blue Pacific Technologies or better known as Blups, is a subsidiary company of PT Blue Pacific Logistics Group which will be established in the year of 2022. Nadifa Balqis and Annisa Pricilia, the women behind Blups, wanted to expand PT Blue Pacific Logistics digitally as a means to be more relevant in the midst of the digitalization era.

As a company, Blups will be the digital bridge between shippers and transporters by utilizing an all-in-one logistics platform. Blups sophisticated technology will enable real-time shipment monitoring and a more organized logistics process through the website. Furthermore, Blups will prioritize top-level security and safety of your cargo. Our leaders are confident that Blups will thrive and continue to create value for our clients through innovations.

Our Values

Women-Friendly Environment

Blue Pacific Technologies is found and led by two incredible women. Making us one of the few logistics companies that has a women-based work environment.

Corporate Youth

It is important for us to show our never-ending passion and eagerness through our work ethics. We may be young in years, but not in experience. This passion drives us to keep providing the best for our users and all of our vendors.

Environmental Care

We believe the best development is one that is sustainable. As we advance, we will try our best to preserve the environment and give back to the community along the way.

Meet Our Leaders



Blups strives to become a trusted and reliable one-stop logistics solution.

Nadifa Balqis

Chief Executive Officer



To connect people and businesses through logistics. To provide a logistics digital platform that is simple yet effective. To deliver services that are up to customers’ satisfaction.

Annisa Pricilia Putri

Chief Technology Officer